Dog Boarding

Staff on property 24/7 and video surveillance.

While at My Dog’s Sleepover, your dog can look forward to a fun, comfortable & safe staycation. We offer spacious dens complete with raised Kuranda beds, relaxing music, and rubber floors in a climate-controlled setting to allow for maximum comfort. Located on premises is an apartment, where a Care Team Member is onsite to offer care and video surveillance 24/7, allowing us to monitor our canine guests and promptly address any needs they may have throughout the night. During their stay your pup will be rotated outside into one of our three large, private yards at least four times every day. The length of time each dog spends outdoors is obviously weather dependent.

We highly recommend scheduling daycare or an overnight trial prior to boarding for all new pets. This will help your dog adjust to our boarding routine and reduce anxiety. Due to our consistent daily routines your dog will quickly acclimate to the new environment, increasing the likelihood of a comfortable stay with minimal stress. A well-adjusted pup is a happy pup, who eats well and sleeps through the night.


Dainty Den


Pen Den

Sweet Suite

Super Suite

Multiple dog discounts available for dogs from same family boarding in same den

Equivalent to 1 night boarding charge
per dog

Special Care
$1 per administration for medications/supplements

$5 per administration for specialty Medications (i.e. Injections)

$10 per day for miscellaneous specialty care (i.e. behavioral/medical)

Most dogs are eligible for a complimentary bath after staying 7 nights. See bottom of page for details

Drop Off / Pickup Times

Since we operate similar to a hotel with regards to reservations, please make note of our check in/out times, along with associated fees depending on scheduling.

7 am -- 11 am
Early check-in fee $20
3 pm -- 6:30 pm
(no extra charge)

9 am -- 12 pm
Early check-in fee $20
2 pm -- 5 pm
(no extra charge)

12 pm -- 2 pm
(no extra charge)

7 am -- 11 am
(no extra charge)
3 pm -- 6:30 pm
Late check-out fee $20

9 am -- 12 pm
(no extra charge)
2 pm -- 5 pm
Late check-out fee $20

12 pm -- 2 pm
(no extra charge)

Early check-in OR late check-out fee is available for an additional $20 total.
(listed above)

Early check-in AND late check-out is $30 total.

Charges are not applied per dog.

Important Information

General Season
Deposit for each reservation is equivalent to 1 night stay for appropriate den/suite and amount of dogs.

No minimum stay

3-day notice prior to check-in date required for cancellations to prevent deposit forfeiture

Friday before Memorial Day through Tuesday after Labor Day

Holiday Season
Saturday before observed holiday through following Saturday

Observed Holidays:
New Year's Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas

Boarding arrival and departure dates need to be scheduled the day before or after the observed holidays.

Peak/Holiday Season
Deposit for each reservation is equivalent to 1 night stay for appropriate den/suite and amount of dogs.

3-day / 2-night minimum stay (Holiday only)

7-day notice prior to check-in date required for cancellations to prevent deposit forfeiture

If departure date or time is shortened, a 7-day notice prior to check -in date is required to prevent being charged for originally scheduled reservation (up to 3 days).

Owner must provide up to date vaccination records and negative fecal report no later than 2 days prior to check in.

All Contracts must be signed online via our Owner Portal at least 2 days prior to check in. Paper contracts available upon request with advanced notice.


Cancellation Policy

Credit Card information REQUIRED to be on file in order to schedule Boarding.

  • Non-Peak/Holiday Seasons: 3-day notice prior to check-in date required for changes and cancellations
  • Peak and Holiday Seasons: 7-day notice prior to check-in date required for changes and cancellations
  • Deposit will be forfeited if appropriate notice is not given



Front office is closed to observe the following holidays:

New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas

*Boarding pick-up and drop-off dates need to be scheduled the day before or after observed holidays*




Rabies, Distemper Series, Bordetella, Negative Fecal Exam are required to board and records must be received by MDCC no less than 2 days prior to check-in.

We recommend Flea / Tick Prevention, Canine Influenza, and Lyme Disease Vaccination.  Bordetella and Fecal Exam (with negative results) required annually.  Titer tests provided by veterinarians showing immunity accepted on annual basis for Canine Distemper, Parvovirus and Adenovirus.

    • Upon arrival at My Dog’s Sleepover your dog may act nervous. He may become vocal, shaky and salivate. This is perfectly normal. Dogs are very sensitive to transition. Some dogs arrive excited and become bouncy and playful. All of the above can be indicators of normal stress a dog experiences when going to someplace new, even if they have been there in the past. Excessive panting is another stress indicator and usually happens when the dog first enters the facility. This typically does not last more than a few hours.


    • When your dog is in the den he may experience some initial anxiety, but usually this only lasts for a very short time and he will begin to become at ease when realizing the atmosphere is safe and predictable.


    • For the first 24-48 hours many dogs do not eat. This is very common and our staff is experienced at using various methods to help him return to his normal eating routine. If a dog adamantly refuses to eat his own food or treats, My Dog’s Sleepover can provide different food (such as canned chicken, broth, rice, etc.) so that he starts eating again, or at least gets nutrition during his stay. Once he starts eating again he will usually return to eating his own food. You will need to give us permission to try other foods, so we can provide him nutrition if he has not eaten for at least two days, by indicating so on the application.


  • Vomiting and diarrhea are obvious negative reactions to a change in surroundings. Stress alone can cause these to occur. Your dog may have seen you packing a suitcase, loading the car and other things that are out of his normal routine prior to coming to My Dog’s Sleepover. The more his owners make a fuss around the dog especially during transition (drop off), the more likely he will experience additional stress. Typically, negative reactions are gone after the first or second day.

    • When returning home from a boarding stay, walk your dog around your yard as soon as you get there. This will start to relax your dog and let him relieve himself, since the excitement and transition will change their normal bathroom schedule.
    • Over excitement (caused by anything, including transition) can make a dog pant a lot and seem thirsty. He may not be that thirsty but drinking excessively may cause a belly ache. We recommend allowing him to have a couple sips of water and then giving him an ice cube until he has settled down for some time. Rest assured, he had plenty of water available at My Dog’s Sleepover. It is likely he is not that thirsty but may gulp the water down too fast if allowed.
    • His eating habits over the next day or two after returning home is also something to pay attention to. Excessive eating, just like drinking, can cause bloating and digestive upset. Do not feed your pet for at least three (3) hours after returning home. That means treats also! We suggest to limit the food and water amounts until he is settled back into the daily home routine.
    • Be sure to give your dog some individual attention by playing, brushing, or petting him. This will help quicken and smooth out his transition process back to the home environment and calm him down.
    • A stay at any boarding facility can be an exciting time for your dog, because of the playtime, noise and even smells of the other dogs. Don’t be surprised if your dog returns home and sleeps more than usual for a couple of days. This is normal and we encourage it!
  • Try the best you can to keep up with your typical routine at home so your dog gets back on track. Dogs love being a part of a daily routine because it makes them feel safe and secure.
  • As always PLEASE call us if you have any questions or concerns. Our mission is to provide premier and convenient support in a loving and safe place, just like it’s for my dog.

Scratch and Cuddle time is free as it should be! 
The last thing we want to do is keep a dog in its den all day!

Boarding Application Process

willow outside ballwillow outside ball

**  My Dog’s Sleepover is a fun, exciting and predictable experience for your dog. Some dogs run around and engage during their free time with other dogs, while others prefer to just cuddle with the staff. We strive to keep them comfortable and feeling secure, even during playtime. Dogs usually leave My Dog’s Sleepover tired and happy



Clients must fill out an application, contract and provide proof of required vaccinations on or before day of appointment. Not all dogs are candidates for group play. Dogs will be evaluated for suitability and discussed with owner.

New Client Portal Registration
We will receive your information electronically after you register and will contact you to discuss how we may be of service.
Register As A New Client

Existing / Returning Client Portal Login
Login with your email address that you have supplied to My Dog, Inc. and your chosen password.  As always, contact us directly with any questions you may have!
Login To Client Portal


$25 deposit per dog necessary to schedule boarding appointment.

Peak / Holiday Season requires $50 deposit per dog.

Credit card information required to remain on file for duration of stay.

3 days advance cancellation required prior to check-in date to avoid forfeiting deposit during non-peak season.

7 days advance cancellation required prior to check-in date to avoid forfeiting deposit during peak/holiday season.

Request boarding services

    Phone:(724) 473-0049
    Location: 132 Perry Highway, Harmony, PA 16037