Enrichment Activities

Your pup is sure to go home, happy, tired and free of pent up energy when you add one of our brand new sensory stimulation Enrichment Activities to their stay, play, or spa day!


A solid core is the foundation of a healthy body. Using wobble boards, balancing discs, and hedgehog domes we will help your dog's stability and sense of balance. Whether your dog is overweight, needs help with mobility or building strength, these sessions facilitate weight shifting by stimulating muscle contractions. Each balance activity is tailored to your dog's needs with safety in mind. All dogs benefit from these exercises.

& Cuddles

To maintain proper canine manners we will work on the basic commands come, sit, stay, and wait. This will encourage your dog to understand what is expected of them to continue succeeding in life and staying safe. This will not replace your work at home but will help to reinforce these behaviors in a fun and loving environment.


Does your dog live for sniffs? Scent tracking is a common instinctual canine behavior. This activity will stimulate your dog's snout to find hidden toys, treats, and even staff! Each round will be a different challenge to build confidence while having fun.


Pent up energy is not always due to lack of physical activity. Some dogs require additional mental stimulation. This activity will work your dog’s brain through use of puzzles, snuffle mats, doggy ball pit, or various scent stimulation activities. No dog can resist a fun game full of rewards. These mind games can help lower stress levels, reduce boredom, or destructive tendencies.


The best way to stop unwanted behavior such as destroying the items you love is to meet your dog’s physical and mental needs. This activity uses various rewards located inside a series of busy boxes to channel their destructive behavior in a constructive exercise. Eliminating boredom and allowing your dog to associate this fun activity with the Care Center may prevent some bad behavior at home!

The Agile

These sessions include obstacle courses, hurdles, tunnels, cones to bob and weave, ladders, and more to create a custom experience for your pup! Agility work is fun and beneficial for a variety of reasons. It helps shy pups build confidence, excitable dogs burn off excessive energy, and smart dogs use their mental skills to navigate unknown obstacles. The possibilities are numerous with this personally tailored program that is suitable for most dogs.