Novice Enrichment Activities

Your pup is sure to go home, happy, tired and free of pent up energy when you add one of our brand new sensory stimulation Enrichment Activities to their stay, play, or spa day!

Team's Choice

Not sure which activity you would like to spoil your dog with? Leave the choice up to us!

Snuggle Buddy

Your pupper will enjoy private snuggles with one of their human friends.

Rootin' Around

This will engage your dog's sniff stimulating his/her natural foraging instincts through use of snuffle mats, busy boxes, and our super fun ball pit.

Brain Buster

Let your dog's inner Einstein out! This activity will challenge your dog's brain through various skill level puzzles.

Relaxing Pet & Brush

We will spoil your dog with relaxing pets and light brushing in a calm quiet setting.


We can tailor this activity based on what your dog loves to do!


$12.50 each


3 for $35
5 for $59
10 for $110

Policies / Requirements

Must be added to daycare, boarding, or grooming appointment

Must have up to date Rabies, Distemper, Annual Bordetella vaccines and Annual Negative Fecal Report